Welcome to the on-line viewing option of your Salary Allocation Credit information. This site contains information such as total points on file, documents received and pending evaluation, multicultural points/requirements, a summary of your salary allocation file and more.

Current employees, who have submitted documents for salary credit to the Salary Allocation Unit since August 1, 2000 and have received computer-generated correspondence, may view a summary of their salary allocation credit information currently on file. You may also be able to check if the Salary Allocation Unit has received your documents by checking the "pending documents" section.

Please proceed to log-in if you believe your salary allocation credit information is available based on the criteria above.
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If your salary credit information is not available for viewing, please click here to send a request for information to the Salary Allocation Unit. We encourage you to contact the Salary Allocation Unit via e-mail.

P/NA Form Processing:
Salary point credit for P and NA classes is approved by the Professional Development Unit. Any delay in processing your salary points will not affect the eligibility date of your schedule advancement. If the points from your P or NA form have not been posted on the web-site after 12 weeks, please contact the Salary Allocation Unit at 213 241-5100.

This site is a collaborative venture between The Human Resources Division and the Information Technology Division (ITD). Many thanks to all involved in making this service available to the teachers of the Los Angeles Unified School District.

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